Friday, 16 June 2017

Beach activities, SUP(Standup paddle boarding)&Windsurfing

Are you interested to try SUP or Windsurfing? Even still not proper summer season yet in here but already you can do these activities in Tango region. 
The area is known for beautiful sunset, please check out the video.

*SUP(1 hour experience)
Price: 3000JPY/person
Time: 10:00/11:30/14:00/15:30/17:00
Min.1 person, Max.4 people.

*Windsurfing(1 hour experience)

You can borrow wet-suits and life jacket for free of charge(perhaps better to bring your own swim wear to secure when your size is not available).

You can check availability and book online from the link below(Unfortunately only Japanese is available so please ask at your accommodation staff or tourist information staff to help you). 

Public shower(cold water) and public changing place is available on the spot. 
All the activities are run by 京丹後135°EAST. 
*From Yuhigaura-Kitsu-Onsen station walk about 30mins
*From Amino station, take a bus number Y4 and get off at Hamazume(浜詰) and walk about 3mins. Bus fare 200JPY.
* From Yuhigaura-Kitsu-Onsen station, take a bus number Y4 and get off at Hamazume(浜詰) and walk about 3mins. Bus fare 200JPY.
Address: 京都府京丹後市網野町浜詰756-3(Click here and you can jump to google map)
TEL:0772-74-0222(From Japanese domestic phone)
        or 090-9616-4221(From Japanese domestic phone)

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Free wifi available on board from 1st May 2017

Finally, you can surf the internet while you are on the highway buses which I described below.
Like the other free wifi service in tourist spots, you need to register your email address to use. For the first 10mins, you don't need to log in but if you like to use it longer, you need to verify your email address so use this 10mins for verification. I think they said you can use the internet up to 60mins/log in and up to 5times? per day or something like that.
Between Osaka and Tango region(via Miyazu, Amanohashidate)

Between Kyoto and Tango region(via Miyazu, Amanohashidate)

Between Kyoto and Ine(via Amanohashidate)

Friday, 21 April 2017

Wadatsumi - new Sushi-Kappo restaurant in Ine

First of all, there is no reason to don't visit this place to eat in Ine. Absolutely, worth for the money and view from wide windows are excellent! I'm sure, sun setting time is also beautiful. I ordered a set meal for lunch which comes with sashimi, grilled fish, stewed fish&vege., steamed egg custard, sushi and soup. Price:3240JPY. If you sit on the counter seat, chef will make sushi in front of you. I could see professional's work especially on grilled fish, kept good moisture and could eat all part except head and backbone.
Open:11:30-15:00(lunch), 18:00-22:00(dinner) (closed on Wed)
Reservation is recommended(We visited without reservation on weekday at just after the opening time, so depends on the day and time).
Access: From Miyazu or Amanohashidate station, take a bus and get off at "Ine". Then walk about 5mins.

Thursday, 20 April 2017


A week after the new cafe is opened in Ine, I finally visited there. They have two floors and I liked both floors. Even a view from the window along the stairs was picturesque. They serve coffee, tea and juice also homemade cakes. Price range is around 450-700JPY. I tried their lunch of the day and a cake. The lunch is you can see on the last picture, include 3 locally caught fresh fish dishes(Sashimi, grilled fish, soup with fish), sorts of fish is depends on each day. The lunch costs 2160JPY. I especially recommend their cakes :D You need to order and pay at the counter then you get a number which will be collected when they will bring beverage or food to your table later. The location and cosy atmosphere, worth to visit while stroll around Ine.

Open:10:00-17:00(closed on Wed)
Access: walk about 5mins from "Ine" bus stop. I don't recommend to drive into Ine village. Please take a public transportation.

Local express bus running on weekends and public holidays

Date: On weekends&public holidays from 29th Apr.-5th Nov.2017
Fare: the same as ordinal local bus

For tourists who likes to visit Ine from Miyazu or Amanohashidate, this bus gives you more option to choose time. If you like to enjoy the full coastal scenery, please take timetable of E or G. Bus stop#10 include 15mins break so you can go to the toilet or purchase snack or ice cream on the spot(please eat up before you get on the bus again), if you needed. Bus stop #10 is a photo spot so the bus stops 5mins and you can get off the bus for taking picture. **No toilet on the bus. Bus timetable "I" is ordinal local bus, so the bus stops at each bus stops which include bus stops not listed on here.

1014:48(Arrival) 15:03(Departure)
1115:16(Arrival) 15:21(Departure)

1110:37(Arrival) 10:42(Departure)
1010:55(Arrival) 11:10(Departure)
1.Miyazu Station(宮津駅)
2.Michi-no-eki Umi-no-Kyoto-Miyazu(道の駅 海の京都宮津)
3.Amanohashidate Station(天橋立駅)
4.Amanohashidate Winery(天橋立ワイナリー前)
5.Amanohashidate Moto-Ise-Kono Jinja Shrine&Kasamatsu Park(天橋立元伊勢籠神社&傘松公園)
6.Ine-wan-meguri Hide(Ine Bay sightseeing boat)(伊根湾めぐり日出)
10.Ukawa-Onsen Yoshino-no-sato(宇川温泉よし野の里)
12.Tenki-tenki-mura, Tateiwa(Rock)(てんきてんき村、立岩)
14.Tango-okoku Shoku-no-miyako(丹後王国食のみやこ)
15.Amino Station(網野駅)

Special timetable for sightseeing boat in Amanohashidate 2017

I recommnd taking the sightseeing boat from Miyazu pier where located about 10mins walk from Miyazu station. If you get on the boat from Miyazu, you can enjoy a full view of Amanohashidate from the sideways and the boat pass through a narrow canal. If you get on the boat from Amanohashidate pier that located about 5mins walk from Amanohashidate station, you can only see 2/3 of Amanohashidate.

Available date:

Miyazu→Amanohashidate→Ichinomiya                 Ichinomiya→Amanohashidate→Miyazu
*夏symbol run on :22nd,23rd,29th,30th July,  5th,6th,11th-16th,19th,20th,26th,27th August.

Date:3rd - 6th May
Miyazu→Amanohashidate→Ichinomiya                 Ichinomiya→Amanohashidate→Miyazu

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Shuttle bus to the panoramic view spot in Amanohashidate 2017!

Why not visit the highest viewpoint of Amanohashidate?
I don't recommend to go straight up to the highest view point for first, better to step up each viewpoint. Start from Kasamatsu Park, then 2nd Kasamatsu Park(5mins walk from Kasamatsu Park using the stairs, no transportation available to get there) and viewpoint at Nariai-ji Temple, finally to the panoramic viewpoint!

Available date:
April: 29th, 30th
May: 3rd,4th,5th,6th,7th,13th,14th,20th,21st,27th,28th
July: 15th,16th,22nd,23rd,29th,30th
August: 5th,6th,12th,13th,19th,20th
September: 16th,17th,23rd,24th,30th
*Black days run twice a day, Red days run 4 times a day. Please check the following timetable.

Black daysRoute(経路)Red days
11:3013:30DEP: Kasamatsu Park (傘松 発)10:0011:3013:3014:30
11:3713:37ARR: Nariai-ji temple (成相寺 着)10:0711:3713:3714:37
11:3913:39DEP: Nariai-ji temple (成相寺 発)10:0911:3913:3914:39
11:4513:45ARR: Panoramic view point (パノラマ展望所 着)10:1511:4513:4514:45
12:0014:00DEP: Panoramic view point (パノラマ展望所 発)10:3012:0014:0015:00
12:0614:06ARR: Nariai-ji temple (成相寺 着)10:3612:0614:0615:06
12:0814:08DEP: Nariai-ji temple (成相寺 発)10:3812:0814:0815:08
12:1514:15ARR: Kasamatsu Park (傘松 着)10:4512:1514:1514:15

Fare:1500yen/person(Adult), the fare include admission fee to Nariai-ji temple. So you can visit Nariai-ji temple as well and can get on and get off at Nariai-ji temple. (The mountain bus to visit Nariai-ji Temple is running every 20mins from Kasamatsu Park.)

I think this is the best way and easiest way to get to the panoramic view point. Originally, to visit Nariai-ji temple by bus is cost 1100yen(include the admission fee), so it's mean you only pay 400yen extra to visiting the panoramic view point by bus.

Of course, if you have time and have enough energy to walk up all the way to the panoramic view point, that's the cheapest way! From Kasamatsu Park walk 20mins to Nariai-ji temple then pay admission fee of the temple for 500yen/person, then next to the temple, there is a way to go up to the panoramic view point for about 30mins walk.